Solaleya, The Green Rotating Home

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/Solaleya, The Green Rotating Home
Solaleya is 90% made of wood, round shaped house with huge windows allowing sun daylong for natural lighting. You can rotate the house following the sun and 'the energy used for a 360 deg rotation equals a vacuum cleaner round in the entire house.

Unique Houses Sintinx Palace

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/Unique Houses Sintinx Palace
The house is located in East Jakarta is owned by paranormal Ki Joko Bodo. Ki Joko Bodo give the title prominently displayed on the front wall of his house with the headline “Palace of Wong Sintinx” (Palace of The Crazy). This house is a symbol unique to the presence of an owl and serpent at the top.

Tree house

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/Tree house
In Papua, the Korowai tribe build their homes in trees. Some of the houses they could even reach a height of up to 50 meters from the ground. Indigenous peoples Korowai nicknamed the “tree man” because it always makes a house perched above the trees

Domes Houses

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/Domes Houses
Anti earthquakes houses located on Nglepen village, Jogjakarta. in this village there are white house with half ball shaping. the resident calling this as teletubbies house.

The Dancing House

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/The Dancing House
An office building in Prague, the Dancing House was designed by architects Vlado Milunic and Frenk Gehry. Inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the building resembles a pair of dancers.

The Thin House

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/The Thin House
The aptly named Thin House is located in Sorbonne, Paris. You must be “en forme” to live in there.

The Spaceship House

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/The Spaceship House
Located in Urbandale, Iowa, the Spaceship House is a sight for sore eyes. It belongs to an eccentric man with a thing for science fiction.

Dar Al Hajar Unique Houses

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/Dar Al Hajar Unique Houses
Built by Imam Yahya of Yemen, the Dar Al Hajar, or Rock Palace, represents unique Yemeni architecture

The Storybook House

http://bobby-uniquehousesintheworld.blogspot.com/The Storybook House
The aptly named Storybook House looks like it was ripped right out of the pages of Lord of the Rings. Built over 20 years by Richey and Karen Morgan, the house is a handbuilt homage to Grimm’s fairy tales.